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Mediprima is a medical tourism agency that offers excellence in the medical and non-medical services it provides to international patients.  Our primary concern is our patients’ health and well-being before, during and after the treatment. We will use our experience and insight knowledge only to ensure that the whole process is carried out smoothly under outstanding conditions and to the full satisfaction of our patients. We make sure that our patients give their decisions not on misrepresentations but facts, leading to full control of the whole process.  In order to fulfill the high standards we have set for ourselves, our in-house medical doctor and patient coordinator will work together in evaluating you unique needs and wants and ensuring a satisfying medical travel. 

Your health is our primary concern
We offer you the finest doctors, and upscale treatments in specialized clinics and hospitals.  We present you our extensive review of doctors’ and clinics’ credentials and references.  

Your personalized journey to health and beauty
Your case is unique for us. We will be examining your needs and wants extensively as to devise a personalized plan for your treatment and care. We will discuss every detail with you before proceeding with the plan.  You will know each step of the way before beginning with your journey.

Your Medical Consultant will assess your case before devising your personal medical plan
Our in-house consultant, a medical doctor, will personally work with you and assess your case before devising a medical plan. You will be able to discuss the procedures with him in detail and all your questions will be answered. Your medical condition and history will be evaluated thoroughly before presenting you with the best option.  Once you have had a consultation with the doctor who will perform your treatment, he will evaluate the offered treatment in-depth and explain you all what you need and want to know.   

Your patient coordinator will be with you each step of the way.
Your patient coordinator will coordinate all aspects of your plan. She will be working closely with your medical consultant, a medical doctor, in order to ensure the success of your travel and treatment  

Value Based Services for Affordable Prices
Your health is our primary concern. While MEDIPRIMA  aims to offer the best competitive prices, it is fully aware that your health is not to be a subject of bargain. You will not be directed to any unfit clinic or hospital that offers cheap prices, on the contrary, while pricing is important, you health cannot be compromised to any price consideration. All our clinics and hospitals are reviewed extensively. We use our extensive experience in the health care system to choose among the best doctors, clinics and hospitals. We have visited each health care provider many times, have met their doctors and staff personally, reviewed their background and made sure that they use state of the art equipments. Only once we are sure of the quality of the medical services a service provider gives, we will try to get the best price possible.

You have options
 You patient coordinator will explain your many options regarding medical and non-medical  services before you decide to go on with the plan. Depending on what kind of treatment you need or choose to have, your medical and non-medical arrangements will differ.

Your advised time of stay at the clinic and after care needs once you leave the hospital differs for each treatment.  For example, if you plan to have a rhinoplasty, you will stay at the clinic for at least one night, however  how long your stay should be will be advised after a thorough examination of your case.  You might choose to have a city tour before your operation, or even afterwards if and when your doctor says you can.  For a rhinoplasty, you might not need an extensive after care while you are recuperating at your hotel, however your patient coordinator will call you twice daily to make sure you are well. If you still  feel you need that your medical consultant visit you at your hotel or extensive after care, you patient coordinator will be arranging it accordingly.  For a more complicated treatment or surgery, you might need a health care professional to take care of you 24/7 after you leave the hospital and ready to go back to your country, especially if you are traveling alone. You patient coordinator will make sure that an experienced healthcare professional will be with you night and day and ensure you are getting the best care.