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What is medical tourism?

What is medical tourism?
Tourism medical is simply traveling to another country for treatment or surgery. The main rationale behind is twofold:

•    To get  good quality medical treatment for affordable prices and
•    To benefit from “touristic attractions” before or after the treatment in question. 
Medical tourism has been practiced for decades even before the term became so popular. However, in most cases, the direction of the travel was the reverse.  The last decades has witnessed the dispersing of medical technologies around the globe. Some countries, which would only think about sending its patients overseas have become the center of attraction for state of the art medical technologies, know-how and experience.  As modes of transportation have increased in number and decreased in price so has the number of people who travel. However, the increased numbers reflected the number of tourists more than medical travelers. The turning point was the global transfer of medical technology, knowledge and experience. Combined with the price advantages offered by countries, such as, Turkey, India, Thailand, medical travel has re-established itself as the giant it is today.  More and more people travel to other countries to get treatments they cannot afford or find in their own countries.
Why work with a medical travel agency??
In essence, the one question asked simple: How do I get the best treatment?  With internet sources as it is today, there is absolutely no problem in getting all kinds of information. So, let’s get straight about this, you do not have to work with a medical travel agency or facilitator. You can contact an overseas hospital directly, schedule your appointments, and book all your arrangements on your own. However, unless you have traveled yourself to see if what has been is promised and met the doctors personally, you will know what has been told you. It can be overwhelming to classify and digest all that information, and that the presented information is not simply a misrepresentation of the truth. Word of mouth is powerful, but again, it might be unreliable or rather insufficient.  Going through all the information, cross checking the information and references given, desperately looking for someone who’s had the experience  and who is also  willing to talk to you about is, well, hard, to say the least. To lose money or have an unpleasant holiday can be devastating, but in this case, it might be your health that is under risk.

Although there are some shortcuts in this, you have to take the time and find the answers to some critical questions.

•    Who is my doctor? His/her training and experience should leave no doubt
•    Does the hospital or clinic offer state of the art medical technology, an experienced staff and fulfill the highest international standards.
•    Who organizes the whole process? It might be a medical travel agency, a travel agency  or the service provider itself. Not to forget, you are not a standard patient nor a tourist looking for experience, pleasure and excitement, you are the international patient whose medical and travel arrangements are both critical. Such an arrangement requires more than booking consultations, treatments, hotels and basic transportation.
A medical travel agency or facilitator, on the other has inspected the hospitals and met the doctors personally. It also has insight knowledge about the medical system and the pros and cons of choosing a hospital or doctor over another. Most important, it has had many patients and has seen the results first hand. This in itself leaves all guesswork out and minimizes inherent risks.
•    You are not one of many, you are unique.  You require a personalized plan, devised by a medical doctor and based on a personal evaluation.
•    You need a second opinion that is presented with objectivity, knowledge and trust. That person needs to be a medical doctor, different from the one who will actually treat you.
Do not let anyone other than a doctor consult you about medical issues. Look for the signature, make sure the source is reliable.
•    You need a reliable and experienced patient coordinator that you can contact whenever you feel the need to.  Someone who can get you a medical doctor while you are recuperating in your hotel, arrange a decent after care by a medical professional, who can take you side in the case of any dispute and who is a problem solver, whatever the problem is.  The right attitude is what differentiates good service from a bad one.
Why should I come to Turkey for treatment?
Turkey has become one of the medical tourism destinations.

•    Hospitals use state of the art technology and highest standards apply.
•    The Turkish government has developed policies to support and subsidize medical tourism in the country. The health Ministry inspects private hospitals vigorously, ensuring high quality
•    Turkey has over 30 JCI accredited hospitals
•    Medical education is very strict and competitive in Turkey and
•    Doctors acquire extensive experience before being allowed to practice in their field of specialty.
•    Istanbul is a both modern and historical city, where

Year Number of  International Patients in Turkey
2008 164,600
2009 153,900
2010 154,540
2011 182,480
2012 232,680
What are the Cost Savings?
The cost savings are immense, between 40% to 80% depending on the procedure and the reference country.  Please contact for prices, your health coordinator will give you prices within 24 hours.
Is there a waiting list?
No, there is absolutely no waiting list. In fact, one week notice prior to the surgery or treatment is enough time for most clinics and doctors.  However, we will be exchanging medical information, you will be making informed decisions not only about your medical procedure but also about travel accommodations. Please consider giving  2-3 weeks for all arrangements.