Welcome to MediPrima

About Mediprima

Mediprima is a medical tourism agency that aims excellence in the medical and non-medical services it provides to international patients.

  •   Excellence in medical and non-medical services
  •  Highly qualified doctors
  •  State-of-the-art medical technology
  •  Best practices and recognized treatments
  •  Patient advocacy, safety and well-being
  •  Value based services for affordable prices

Our primary concern is our patients’ health and well-being before, during and after the treatment. We will use our experience and insight knowledge only to ensure the whole process is carried out smoothly under outstanding conditions and to the full satisfaction of our patients. We make sure that our patients give their decisions not on misrepresentations but facts, leading to full control of the whole process. In order to fulfill the high standards we have set for ourselves, our in-house medical doctor and patient coordinator will work together in evaluating unique needs and wants of the patient as to ensure a satisfying medical travel.

Mediprima has been accepted in the “Incentive Program” of the Ministry of Economics since 2014. It has been a member of the “Health Tourism Association”, based in Ankara.

  Medical Evaluation: Mediprima devises a personalized medical plan for its patients and provides detailed information about the process.

  Attend consultations: Our patient coordinators will be present during consultations in order to ensure that our patients receive all necessary information. Our doctors are able to communicate in English, however, if necessary, your patient coordinator will translate or clarify what has been said.

  Follow-up medical procedures, treatments, tests, prescribed drugs: The medical consultant will share detailed information about the patient’s condition, what is to be expected, risks, what needs to be done before, during and after the treatment/surgery.

Mediprima Managing Team

Partner/Medical Director

Enis Bicerer, MD

Dr. Enis Bicerer is the medical director of Mediprima. He graduated from GATA (Gülhane Military Faculty of Medicine) in 2002. As part of his military duties, he worked as general practitioner  in  various  military  hospitals  before  starting  with  his  4  year specialization in   anesthesiology and reanimation in the Istanbul campus of the same faculty, completing his studies in September 2011. He resigned from his post as military doctor the same year. He is the co-founder of Mediprima and Centrium Hospital.

Managing Partner

Rabia Basay, MBA

Rabia Basay graduated from the American Academy in 1995 and from Political Science and Public Administration in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of Marmara University in 2000. Between2000-2007, she worked in marketing and sales departments of various companies. In 2007, she went back to school earn a full-time MBA degree from the Bogazici University in Istanbul. She has a 15 year experience in international sales. She is the co-founder of Mediprima and assumes the role of Managing Partner