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Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

We, as Mediprima, affirm that;

•    We are committed to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards
•   Ethics, integrity and quality are at the core of all our activities and and work with partners that share this commitment.

•    We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of our clients and our associates.

•    We are accountable for our conduct and for compliance with applicable laws.

•    We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and make no distinction based on medical condition, age, gender, disability, race, color, religion, national origin or place of residence.

•    We are committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of patients and compliance with established policies and statements of patient rights.

•    We use confidential information only to carry out our work and do not share such information with others unless duly instructed by the patient or required on behalf of the patient.

•    We place the interests of our patients above our own.